Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Music/Fashion creativity

I would say i am an ecclectic person when it comes to music. i love absolutely everyhting: R'nB', Soul, Funk, Jazz, Neo Soul, Electro, Drum 'n' Base you name it! There are a couple of artists at the moment which i feel have created a brand (good package) of themselves in style, art, fashion they are true creatives and i take my hat off to them because i feel its all about expression and becoming a visionary. Artists such a Bjork, Roisin Murphy, kanye west, Pharelle Williams just to name a few are people that can create and therefore express their style within their music and fashion. it's brilliant to see and has given me more of a push to also continue to express my self in what i do as only i know what i like and only i can show myself the way i want to, espeacially being a creative!

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