Monday, 23 July 2012

Nico Didonna's SS13 fashion launch 2012

So i was invited to Nico Didonna's SS13 collection, i took Mama Williams along with me, she loved it! It was really my mum who got me into fashion from such a young age.

Below is Nico's press release to the SS13 collection:

Inspired by nature’s elements of earth, wind, fire and water, Nico Didonna will unveil his Spring Summer 2013 collection on 20th July 2012. The highly wearable woman’s range is as light as air, intense as fire, warm as earth and fluid as water.

Of great visual impact, fabrics have been selected to embrace femininity with an array of blues, subtle tones of sand and tufo and flashes of red, which, once again, are reflective of the distinctive colours that he has grown up surrounded by in the region of Apulia.

With a constant eye on the future, Nico Didonna has created inspirational new shapes with unique and versatile ways to wear garments – pieces, made with exquisite silk, chiffon and cotton, bring together a plethora of sensations.

With innovation always at the forefront Nico Didonna’s menswear is a dynamic and fresh collections in line with contemporary spirituality. Inspired by Monks, focus, dedication, passion and their inner-beliefs, Nico Didonna’s signature concept of classic garments with a twist takes menswear tailoring to a whole new level. Brown, yellow, gold natural fabrics guarantees the wearer an unparalleledfashion experience.

I loved it! I thought the colours, and designs for the women's apparel were lovely, i am already going to place my order on a few pieces ;-) The mens apparel were daring but classic at the same time!

Well done to Nico and his team, fantastic show!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Sir Terence Conran at the V&A 2012

I had a brilliant opportunity to hear from Sir Terence Conran at the V&A, how he has made an extraordinary impact on many areas of daily life from the 1960s to today. 

Hearing about his life story, setting up his own businesses as a designer, businessman and restauranteur, going through the stages of creating Habitat to his involvement with The Great Exhibition in South Kensington, bringing the Design Museum back to where it started, Sir Terence Conran it was an honor to hear from you!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

BIBA to Topshop at the V&A 2012

I went to an interesting study day at the V&A this Saturday, It was a full day of history and retrospection of the 1960s fashion store BIBA, as well as other pioneering stores that came after including Malcolm Mclaren, Vivienne Westwood, Habitat, Mary Quant and Ikea - that are associated with fashion and design in post-war Britain. Looking at how small, independent stores gave way to large retail outlets serving the mass market.

 Extremely interesting day discussing design methodologies, experimental and successful branding, store environments, lifestyles, emotions, escapism and the one that ties this all together, capitalist regimes!

Branding produced by Steve Thomas for BIBA store has High Street Kensington when they acquired Derry &Toms building in 1974

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Paul Smith at the V&A 2012

Sir Paul Smith did a brilliant talk at the V&A this week, describing his journey as a young boy till now. It was very honest and extremely humbling as he describes his muse, his teacher, his significant other that got him into fashion, Elinor Goulding Smith (his wife).

Hearing from such talented and creative individuals life like Paul's, its very refreshing, as you then begin to reflect on your own journey and hopefully continue to move towards the footsteps of your vision, hopes and dreams!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Henry Holland at the V&A 2012

So i went to see Henry Holland talk at the V&A on the 23rd March and i was pleasantly surprised by him and his story.

I will confess, i wasn't a huge fan of Henry, due to the fact i thought, how can someone class themselves to be a fashion designer when he has no real training? I am not advocating that everyone that wants to go into the arts needs to go to art school, not at all. We know that there are people with raw talent that hasn't been trained by the system, they just have a natural gift. But with the case of Hery Holland, reading a bit about him in newspapers, magazines etc. i thought this guy has come from journalism and has gone straight into the fashion world due to him having celebrity friends, how wrong i was...

Listening to Henry being interviewed by Vogues online editor, Dolly Jones, it was apparent to see how charismatic Henry is and how likable and infectious his personality transpired to the people sitting in the audience. I began to warm to Henry and understand that he is in a field that he loves and that he's thankful to get into due to working in the industry of entertainment (was a writer for Smash Hits magazine), surrounding himself in that lifestyle and naturally creating a brand from that.

His first ever appearance with his use of cheeky slogan t-shirts worn by fashion designers was a brilliant introduction, more of a penetration into the world of fashion and grew from there. The power of social media has benefited him hugely, with him having over 200,000 followers on twitter and his style of not taking himself to seriously, working hard but playing hard forms a great brand i think and i was so glad my pre-judgement of him changed.

I think what is clear is that anyone can create a powerful, influential brand that can connect with people for the brand to be understood and leveraged. Its clear that Henry is a fun loving guy, with loads of passion and drive and i think its quite refreshing to see someone rising up within their field by not using the conventions of education.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mary Quant at the V&A 2012

Mary Quant...what a pleasure!!

So I went to go and see the amazing, legendary Mary Quant speak at London's V&A. I first knew about Mary Quant from my mother, having being living in London in the late 60s/70s she had some of her clothing which she still has today, which i am ow a proud owner of :-)

Her talk of her journey of making clothes was very interesting, from her early days at Goldsmiths which i didn't know actually, i was very pleased as i was a Goldsmiths MA student (fantastic university) was very happy to find this, to her first shop at London's Chelsea's Kings Road to her working in cosmetics, what a vast life...beautiful story, well done Ms Quant!