Friday, 16 November 2007

Will it turn out to become a Uniclan?

Uniqlo have just opened their new flagship store in Oxford Street. Stars such a Dizzee Rascal and Nicolas Hoult (actor from Skins) were a few to mention at the exclusive celebrity marketing Campaign to help Uniqlo reposition themselves and create brand awareness around London.I have always been a big fan of Uniqlo, ever since there store opened in Regent St, i have always liked the minimal, Gap eske, yet very Japanese with an element of clean, streamlined and simplicity. The clothes are made by the latest tech fabrics, which i had no clue until i was reading an article from their promotional magazine.The fact that they have been doing a vast amount for their campaign, its absolutely great, I love Uniqlo and i have felt like this for a few years, my apprehension with this, is that it will be a very well known brand, with more customers. A clan could be formed, very similar to the Topshop clan, everyone wearing the same clothes e.g. Oh where did you get you top from ......oh let me guess Topshop?Thats fashion i suppose, for me its hard trying to create an identity of your own!

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