Monday, 7 January 2008


I currently cannot sleep and i go back to work tommorow (well today really, 2.30am) Today i had a conversation with my big bro about the media, and how blurred peoples views are on certain topics which was once seen as right or wrong. But i have always had an issue of what exactly is right or wrong.

I remember studying Philosophy, my teacher Mr Mcarthy always indirectly asked for this sort of answer (right and wrong). But is there an answer? I know, many people know it is wrong to Kill but why is gun violence risen? why does it look cool to certain people? Why is it becoming a way of life now? With so much media exposure, people are slowly going to begin to think it is the norm and it is not!

These are my thoughts, opinions, premises etc on certain things and everytime i think on certain issues that are happening in the world today, more and more time i feel that less morals we have the rise of evil begins to grow and people are beginning to take it in as normal!!! Its crazy!!! Espeacially when we look back in history, from Moses, Nero, Ceasar till now, have human beings or mankind really changed for the better or are we getting worse?

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Ondo Lady said...

This is an interesting blog and a facinating one. It is difficult to say why young people see carrying guns and crime as glamorous and a way of life but I think the image that certain rappers portray has something to do with it. A lot of youth today do not watch the news and just watch entertainment channels like MTV. The closest they get to international news is the E channel. A lot of them very rarely travel and sometimes do not venture out of their town therefore they get a very misconstrued idea of the world. It is very worrying but the things I took for granted when I was growing up like books, movies and newspapers that educated me about a life outside of the UK are things that are a novelty to young people. I think the only way forward is for these people to experience a life outside of their town and be exposed to as many people from different backgrounds and experiences as possible. They may not enjoy it but at least they will know first hand that there is more out there.