Tuesday, 4 March 2008


I feel i need to get some things of my chest. Why do so many people lack respect for others? There has been many times i walk out of my house to go to the local shop or to go to work and by the time i get back, i am already pissed off! People barge, step on your toe, give you funny looks, etc there is no common/mutual respect between one another anymore!! its crazy!!! Wheres the: "Good Morning" or "Hows it goin".....its gone! You say hello and people look at you like your some sort of freak!

Of course you can't let it get you down, it will be a waste of time, you have got better thing to think about, but honestly, how are you suppose to relax and chill with the negativity that surrounds you day in day out!!

People, people, people!! Please take a step back and realise your body language and your manner between one another!

And we say the Western world is civilised! I beg to differ!!!

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