Sunday, 12 July 2009

Platform 2

Platform2 is a global volunteering scheme for 18 to 25 year olds who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to visit a developing country and get involved with global issues of injustice and poverty.

I am so thank full that i was chosen to be part of this amazing program. The countries you can go to are, Africa- Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Asia- India or Nepal South America- Peru. I am going to Ghana, i am so happy about this as i am half Ghanaian. I feel that this trip i will be able to truly see the essence of human civilisation. It will be an eye opener and i hopefully will come back a different person. I am fully educated from both of my parents in the food, the culture, we often have African parties and i have been to Africa before so i feel i have a good basis of what to expect but do i? I will be there for 3 months (well nearly, it is 10 weeks) this is a very long time so i am sure i will learn loads more! I am very excited and i cant wait to go.

I have met my group they seem brilliant, a nice bunch of guys so all i need to do now is pack lol and get everything ready before i go!

Wooh AFRICA here i come! I'm going back to the mother land, the land of human civilisation!!!!

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