Tuesday, 1 March 2011

V&A Swishing event

Me and Li had a brilliant day at the V&A.

The day was specifically designed for styling, fashion, body conscious individuals gaining a better understanding of our material culture and identities.

A swishing event also took place followed by talks given by:

- Justine Picardie former styling director at Vogue now author
- Cerrie Burnell CBBies presenter
- Jason Gardier from Dancing on Ice and This Morning
- Jaana Jatyri CEO of the Trendstop
- Suisie Orbach writer and psychoanalyst
- Reina Lewis from The London College of Fashion

The talks were fab, i really enjoyed the discussion presented by the panel, outlining body image on T.V, how females especially present or are represented by various media platforms, the state of our culture and the philosophical overview of our society.

I am really interested in this arena as i myself wrote my MA thesis looking into this area which i called it 'Are you you?'. The swishing event was brilliant to take part in and get free goodies as well :-) Swishing is fab, my social enterprise Wakeup Campaign has held a few of these so definitely check it it out www.wakeupcampaign.co.uk!

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