Sunday, 1 July 2012

BIBA to Topshop at the V&A 2012

I went to an interesting study day at the V&A this Saturday, It was a full day of history and retrospection of the 1960s fashion store BIBA, as well as other pioneering stores that came after including Malcolm Mclaren, Vivienne Westwood, Habitat, Mary Quant and Ikea - that are associated with fashion and design in post-war Britain. Looking at how small, independent stores gave way to large retail outlets serving the mass market.

 Extremely interesting day discussing design methodologies, experimental and successful branding, store environments, lifestyles, emotions, escapism and the one that ties this all together, capitalist regimes!

Branding produced by Steve Thomas for BIBA store has High Street Kensington when they acquired Derry &Toms building in 1974

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