Monday, 23 July 2012

Nico Didonna's SS13 fashion launch 2012

So i was invited to Nico Didonna's SS13 collection, i took Mama Williams along with me, she loved it! It was really my mum who got me into fashion from such a young age.

Below is Nico's press release to the SS13 collection:

Inspired by nature’s elements of earth, wind, fire and water, Nico Didonna will unveil his Spring Summer 2013 collection on 20th July 2012. The highly wearable woman’s range is as light as air, intense as fire, warm as earth and fluid as water.

Of great visual impact, fabrics have been selected to embrace femininity with an array of blues, subtle tones of sand and tufo and flashes of red, which, once again, are reflective of the distinctive colours that he has grown up surrounded by in the region of Apulia.

With a constant eye on the future, Nico Didonna has created inspirational new shapes with unique and versatile ways to wear garments – pieces, made with exquisite silk, chiffon and cotton, bring together a plethora of sensations.

With innovation always at the forefront Nico Didonna’s menswear is a dynamic and fresh collections in line with contemporary spirituality. Inspired by Monks, focus, dedication, passion and their inner-beliefs, Nico Didonna’s signature concept of classic garments with a twist takes menswear tailoring to a whole new level. Brown, yellow, gold natural fabrics guarantees the wearer an unparalleledfashion experience.

I loved it! I thought the colours, and designs for the women's apparel were lovely, i am already going to place my order on a few pieces ;-) The mens apparel were daring but classic at the same time!

Well done to Nico and his team, fantastic show!

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