Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Nelson Mandela

First thing I would like to say is Happy Birthday Mr Mandela!!! :-)

What an inspiration you have been to not only black people but people from all over the world, different nationalities and from different religions/class. You have been a true visionary that has helped the world gain back a TRUE PERSPECTIVE of what is right and wrong, moral and immoral....Truly amazing person!!!

One thing I do have to address is the statue of Mr Mandela outside the Houses of Parliament. I pass there everyday on my way to work and I have notice how small the statue is compared to the rest of the statues around the square. Some people may think I am being picky or fussy but really this is very symbolic and I amazed how no one has raised the issue before.

Every other statue in the square for example Mr Churchill and a few more are all the same size and on the same level, however Nelson Mandala's statue is not. For me this is not good enough as we are living in the 21st Century where equal rights, racism, prejudice, and discrimination needs to be scraped for good PERMANENTLY!!!

This is purely my observation. I do feel it is unfair as Mr Mandela has fought for Africans and has showed determination, hope, faith, belief and power and this grandeur needs to be rejoiced not dimmed down or suppressed!!!!

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