Saturday, 23 August 2008

Orange Rockcorps

Guys not sure if you heard about Orange Rockcorps, its a brilliant concept and opportunity for people to see musicians at a concert for free. This year Busta Rhymes has confirmed he will be performing at the Royal Albert Hall on the 26th September 2008! Other artist will be announced whats the brilliant idea behind this i hear you cry, well instead of buying for a ticket to see you fav artist live, you earn it by doing voluntary work around your area! When I heard about this was was so up 4 it!! So you do 4 hours of painting, gardening absolutely any volunteering work......Today I was at Lollard's Adventure Park in Kennington, it was the first Adventure park in the UK, i met loads of cool peeps and did loads of paintings!! Best of all i got my ticket woooo Busta here i come lol!!!

But on a serious note, the idea is fantastic, not only you will receive a ticket to see the most coolest artists around, you are giving back to your community. By doing this you can make some cool new friends, socialise with people from all different walks of life and feel good you have done something other than your self!! Its wicked!!!

Big love Wall.E style for all of the youth workers that do their part for the community cause I don't think they get the recognition they deserve, but today i saw so many things which i didn't know before at i just want to share the love!!!

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