Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Orange Rockcorps

This was such a good night!! It was amazing to see Buster, oh my gosh Ludacris was brilliant!!! The concept of the whole event was fantastic and i hope they will continue this from now on! The fact that they held Buster Rhymes in customs was absolutely ridiculous, spoiling a positive, night and message for the people by creating a smoke screen !Why is a good cause always suppressed?!! This needs to end!!

However, the night was brilliant, the variety of music was good and the people was full of positive nature it was magnificent!! Well done Orange, it was such a good event hope it goes on for a long time!!


DoriQ said...

Hi Viviane
How are You ??
I love the pic!!!
Can you send me the other.

We had a Great time on the concert.

Vivion Live Young! said...

Hey hun!
I am really good thats, the concert was wkd!!!! :-)
Yeah sure...i've been meaning to get in contact..i'll send them to u 2night :-)

Hope ur well :-) xx